• Arcade Creek Recreation and Park District

    I was elected to the Arcade Creek Recreation and Park District Board in 2016 and am now in my second year as Vice Chair and as a member of the Finance Committee. One of the most important issues in local government is finances and our district is no … Continue Reading

    Arcade Creek Recreation and Park District
  • California Lawmaker

    Now available on Amazon.com is California Lawmaker by Alex Vassar, editor of the One Voter Project. Alex has spent years studying the California's Legislature and is quoted regularly by journalists around the state. California’s Legislature and the … Continue Reading

    California Lawmaker
  • One Voter Project

    The purpose of the One Voter Project websites is to educate the public (and those who are involved in state politics or policy-making) about the political landscape around them, and to assure them that there is a long history that has led to the … Continue Reading

    One Voter Project
  • JoinCalifornia

    JoinCalifornia.com, started in 2005, provides more than one hundred years worth of political history for California candidates, districts, and parties.   … Continue Reading

  • Senate Fellows

    A quick word for people with a strong interest in California politics and public service; THINK ABOUT THE SENATE FELLOWS PROGRAM It's a year-long paid graduate program at the Capitol that places you in a legislator's office and introduces you to … Continue Reading

    Senate Fellows